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Bone Growth Formula

Formulated specifically to:
Increase Bone Density
Promote Healthy Bone Formation
Improve Overall Body Health


Potent Multiple Supplement

High Potency Essential Vitamins
Full Spectrum of Minerals
Full Spectrum of Amino Acids
Critical Omega Oils

Complete Body Health Products are designed to optimize your body’s cellular functioning, while targeting areas of particular concern.

The is our Flagship product. It is a patented formula that combines the potent multiple supplement with bone essential vitamins and minerals. Optimal cellular functioning is a critical element to the development, health, and maintenance of strong, healthy bones. Coupled with optimal doses of Omega oils, this Complete Bone Formula is formulated to promote rapid and healthy bone growth while offering comprehensive support to your whole body.

, as a stand-alone formula, is Complete Body Health’s answer to your body’s need for a comprehensive, potent multiple supplement. There are many multiple supplement formulas to choose from, but most either have far too few, or miniscule amounts of the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal cellular functioning. includes significant dose amounts of all major vitamins and minerals, a full complement of amino acids and all trace minerals. When coupled with significant doses of critical Omega oils, it is designed to offer you all of your general dietary supplement needs in ONE PRODUCT.

and essential formulas will be available to the public in March of 2015.