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For 11 years Barbara Hartl has been offering natural, healthy alternative solutions for people who suffer from osteoporosis. After being diagnosed herself with the disease at a relatively early age, she capitalized on her background as a research scientist in biochemistry and molecular biology to design a system for taking supplements that would rejuvenate her bone growing capabilities and raise her bone density. After enormous success in recovering from her own condition, she began to share with others her remedy and the principle around its success. After multitudes of requests to “streamline” her therapy she developed , a supplement system that is user friendly and highly effective at stimulating bone formation and restoring bone health while improving overall body health.

Barbara has since branched out using her scientific research background to develop additional formulas that offer the body support to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and other conditions that may arise as a result of substandard cellular functioning.

At Complete Body Health we believe that because basic needs for our cells’ optimal functioning depend on a daily intake of a complete array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils, the core of all natural remedies to one’s health concerns should necessarily include a comprehensive complete multiple supplement; hence the design and formulation of .


Clairice Veit received her Ph.D. in Measurement/Mathematical Psychology from U.C.L.A. in 1975.  During her 25-year career as a research analyst for the Rand Corporation, she was active in health-care research and conducted NIH research projects for the National Cancer Institute, The National Institute on Aging, and The Office of Research on Women’s Health.

Since her retirement from the Rand Corporation, Dr. Veit has directed her research skills to the study of nutrition, diet, and nutritional supplements, focusing on evidence-based regimens for maintaining health and improving quality of life.  A special focus has been on the needs of the aging population and those with particular medical conditions that can be positively affected by particular dietary and supplement intervention. 

Dr. Veit has been on the team at Complete Body Health as a research consultant since its inception in 2011.